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Big Dig - Boston, MA

Big Dig - Boston, MA
Jacked various diameter sizes of pipe thousands of feet

Caron Pipe Jacking, Inc. installs steel casings by thejacking method, sizes range from 42" to 144", Steel casing by the Boring Method 12" to 42" - Reinforced concrete pipe designed for jacking pressures by the jacking method with wall sizes ranging from 36" to 120" - We have also installled by the jacking method concrete box culverts 7' x 7' and 14' x 14', both Culverts were used as a pedesetrian tunnel under the Railroads to insure the safety if the pedestrians.

Caron can also provide soil stabilization (sodium silicate and bicarbonate of soda) as an extra when conventional dewatering applications are not effective to provide a dry and stable surface.


wilmington, massachusetts

Pipe Jacking Procedure

Pipe Jacking consists of advancing pipe through the ground with thrust provided by hydraulic jacks and excavation of soil at the front of the pipe string either manually or mechanically. The process requires personnel entry into the pipe being jacked to excavate by hand. The hand excavation is usually accomplished inside a shield attached to the leading section of pipe. The shields are typically articulated which allows some degree of line and grade control. The purpose of the shield is to provide a safe working environment for the workers and allow the bore to stay open for the pipe to be jacked into place. Typically, pipe jacking is done with pipes 42 to 120 inches in diameter and Boz culverts 7' to 14'. Pipe jacking is typically used in soil types with low permeability and good standup time or in soils that have been dewatered or otherwise prestabilized by ground improvement methods such as grouting.

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